speaking in circles

13 03 2015

We – the church – do not always say it well; we do not always say it to the right people; we do not always say it at the right time;  we don’t always say it coherently; but we do say it. Honest.  

Speaking in Circles

We – the church – are deeply involved and engaged in so many issues in our local and national and international communities, and speak out and act consistently on a wide range of issues. Many of these do not fit the media narrative, so are ignored, culminating in an ironically self-fulfilling prophecy  of the church only speaking about certain things, then being criticised for only speaking about certain things… speaking in circles, anyone? 

Find out more about what the church actually speaks about here:

Archbishop of Canterbury
Church of England
Joint Public Issues Team (Baptist, Methodists, URC, Church of Scotland)
Theos Think Tank
London Institute for Contemporary Christianity
Archbishop Cranmer/God and Politics
Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (Canon Andrew White)
Stop the Traffik 

This is nowhere near an exhaustive list!  



23 01 2011

I remember soon after the tragic murder of Jo Yeates in December
that the media wanted it to end as quickly as an episode of
somer Murders

so in true journalistic style I remember them seizing upon the arrest of the landlord
who by all accounts fitted the TV detective show model
a quiet, shy and retiring bearded academic

ergo loner, a mysterious recluse, definite murderer material

so i remember them seizing upon him and doing such a good job of
a ch
aracter assassination
that it nearly jeopardised the whole courts process

and now it strikes me that as he was released on bail
we never heard of him again

and that now they have arrested and charged someone else
that says something about the whole judging another person thing

and we can‘t just blame the media for because we lap it up
we love a good murder mystery
and forget there’s real people involved

and this seems a good example of why Jesus said that in this new world called the

kingdom of heaven

we try not to judge others unfairly
or even at all

because we also will be judged in the same way
I don’t think we would much like that

and once we have judged it is very hard to unjudge
and every now and then we need a timely reminder.

i know I do.

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