movember manoeverings

24 11 2011

weard. bierd. I do many things, mostly where people can see me, so the decision to grow a something akin to desert tundra on my face was not an easy one. With my hair colour and complexion, facial hair was always to be an unlikely companion, but just for the month of Movember I (and the relevant house-hold authorities) have made an exception.

As a way of raising awareness of and money for cancer charities, it’s genius, as I actually have to do less in my daily grooming session. Which is not an inconsiderable amount of time saved. I may even say the Daily Office. (*vicar joke*) 

So, forgive me for using my blog as a tool to publicise this, and feel free to ignore it as much as you would ignore a charity mugger with a dodgy beard. I know I do. If I raise £200 I will even shave off the edges and the under-carriage to leave the official Movember moustache. Now there‘s a terrifying thought.

Here is my Movember page – click here to find out more, and/or to donate. Cancer charities have a special place in my heart, and I am doing this primarily to raise awareness, not cash. Thank you.

ps. Yes , it makes me look well rough. help me.

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