some things about me

I run. I think. I talk. I listen. I watch. I pray. I ride. I read. I write. I sleep.

I am married. I am (mostly) English. I am (slightly) short-sighted. I am a dad.

I follow Jesus, because I think he is true. I follow Jesus because I think he brings life. I follow Jesus because he doesn’t stop walking.

I get frustrated with Jesus because he is mysterious. I get frustrated with Jesus because he doesn’t do what I want.  I get frustrated with Jesus because I am always slightly behind.

I believe life in all its fulness is available to all, if only we could all see through the cloud of dust kicked up by Jesus walking, and us being slightly behind. Nevertheless, we keep walking. Keep loving. Keep changing. Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep listening. Keep being wrong and starting over. Its not over yet and there is life to be lived.

In 2017 I became the Vicar of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Carshalton Beeches, just a couple of miles from my previous parish. Despite the geographical proximity, this parish is different in so many ways, but the vision remains the same: to sow seeds of the kingdom, to grow disciples of Jesus, to gather his people in worship, and to serve the community around us.


Below is the old preamble, for those interested!

In summer 2009 I became the Associate Vicar in the Parish of St Helier, with particular responsibility for the small congregation of (about) 15 (mostly) older ladies in Bishop Andrewes’ Church, who I thought then may prove to be the catalyst for the transformation of our housing estate. That would be pretty amazing.

October 2010 update –  the congregation is now about 25-30, with those wonderful older ladies plus some mums with their young children plus some other folks, we’ve started BA Kids and we are very encouraged. Things are changing…!!

March 2011 update – the congregation is growing and changing, with about 25 adults and 12 children, which is an interesting ratio! And the transformation of our housing estate is beginning, one life at a time.

January 2012 update – well this Sunday we had 35 adults and 17 children. I don’t know how or why; some are unchurched, with little or no faith background, but still they come. What a mixed and mixing community. This is the kingdom… 

June 2012 update – we are now getting a regular 35-40 adults and 10 children, and from aiming for 20 people 3 years ago we are now aiming for 55. But more importantly, we are seeing lives changed, people coming to faith, and Jesus making a difference in unexpected places. Is this the crest of a wave, or the new reality?

March 2015 update – the congregation is settling, and our growth and impact continues. We recently had a church picnic, and a church lunch, both of which we had over 50 people, which is so encouraging for a small church, and we now have a small leadership team. We are planning our third Active Church Fun Day, we are knocking on doors offering prayer for our community, and we are seeing God at work in our lives and the lives of others.

17 responses

11 11 2009

You da man. I like this. It’s good. You’re a proper vicar now. Different from Crawley? Sounds like it. Sorry not been in touch for a while. Life been busy covering maternity leave, moving house, changing job, having baby. All clam now. Mostly I just lounge around in the house watching DVDs about Darwin and reading PC Pro magazine, while baby Naomi sleeps softly on my shoulder.
Hope you and yours are well…

3 12 2009

really like what you have written here…

9 12 2009
Edge the Sledge

I hadn’t read this for a while but Ruth’s comment aroused my curiousity. Following Jesus and His clouds of kicked-up dust is pretty cool, I guess.
But who do you follow when you’re sledging down mountains in Austria? If only people could have seen the cloud of snow I was kicking up for you to eat in my wake recently. What’s cooler than ice cold?
Edge the Sledge is King of the mountain! In my dreams, of course…

9 12 2009

Dream on Edge, or you’ll sledge over the edge (and the trees of the fields shall clap their hands…)

4 02 2010
Gill Taylor

Old Jewish Proverb…’May you always be covered in the dust of your Rabbi’…
If you are walking closely enough, you’ll get covered in the dust of his footsteps

20 12 2012

Oh, I like that!

8 04 2010

love what you have written here. thanks for the linkage. will be back to read your ponderings.

rick hill

15 04 2010
Sheila Bridge

Whoever you are, I really like what you’ve written here and you obviously know my pal Ruthli no doubt through your Crawley connection. Thanks for the comment, I will be dropping back here from time to time to see how you, Jesus and the old ladies are changing the world…. well, South London at least!

26 06 2010
Esther Philgreen

I am very interested in your words/thoughts on God inconveniencing us. I googled inconvenienced by God and got your quote “Well, says God. Allow me to inconvenience you… ” I went to your blog to get the rest and I cannot find it. It is supposed to be under June 18, but I cannot locate it. Thanks for your help! Esther

27 06 2010

HI Esther, the post it refers to is this one: Not sure why the June 18 date comes up, I checked google and it did the same for me!

25 07 2010
Rob Pierce

Kevin, great to meet you and Fran at Dave and Helen’s wedding – really encouraging for me, and I’ve been really enjoying the wit and wisdom of this blog. Many thanks, Rob

25 08 2010
Ana Maria Achucarro

I have enjoyed this passage about Jesus and Mc Hammer.Its refreshing
I do think that you will be catalysts you and Fran, and in fact you have been for a long while now

2 07 2011

That sounds awesome!

9 11 2011

‘spose i fall into ‘some other folks’ category?

9 05 2014

Uplifting About. How wonderful it must be to see a congregation blossom

20 09 2018
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30 10 2019
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