know hope | the hopes sessions #10

20 05 2016

It’s funny what you end up doing
when you pray.
after the no, hope post
a lady from our church painted ‘hope’
on small stones
and left them around the skatepark
and they’ve all been taken
like hope, scattered

Know Hope skatepark .001

I took the advice of a friend who suggested
instead of a comma making
no, hope
adding two letters
so I did
[in chalk, I hasten to add]
then I got carried away
and added a flower and a heart

we pray that all who skate over this
may know hope
not no hope
but a hope rooted and grounded in
joy and peace

This is my first foray into tarmactivisim. 
I liked it so much I made up the word.



5 responses

21 05 2016

I love the idea of tarmacactivism and I really like it that you added the two letters. What I like the most though, is the idea of scattering hope all over that skate park. It’s a place for the youth and they are so SO in need of hope.
Finding myself thinking of different ways you can bombard that place with hope.
Chalk messages are good… and there’s always a little yarnbombing…
How come hope for others can exist within you like a blazing fire, when hope for yourself is barely a cinder?

21 05 2016

That’s a beautiful last line (not that the rest of isn’t!)

21 05 2016

Ahhh… but it’s not supposed to just be purely decorative… !

23 05 2016
Aran Woodfin

There is beauty in truth well put. Like architecture function & form work together to make the best, most beautiful, buildings.

23 05 2016
Aran Woodfin

There is beauty in truth well put. Like architecture, function & form working together make the best buildings.

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