the sparkle in primark

26 06 2014

went the lock on the door
as the key turned
and in fear I 
the bridge to my future burned

I should have been
would have been
but now I lie passive
not rejecting
but expecting
this is my life now

this is my life now
I was a wife
am a wife
but now my life is over
as I sleep in a locked room
above the factory floor

above the factory floor
sold to pay a debt

though I wept
I was taken as my
children slept

now I’m kept
in this place 
a debt to collect

a debt to collect
instead of being a mum
I am needle and thread
sewing sequins until my fingers bled
a human trafficking debacle
so your clothes can sparkle
though the light is kept dim I’m still able
to read and re-read the retail label
so while the factory – like my life – is so dark
enjoy my clothes when you buy them in Primark. 

[© 2014 Kevin Lewis]

STT Fashion Victim pegs

This week I was part of a 6th Form Conference at Carshalton High School led by Sutton Schoolswork  a small Christian schoolswork charity, on the subject of Human Trafficking. We were privileged to have speakers from Croydon Community Against Trafficking and Ella’s Home. I led a creative writing workshop, and as the students worked so well I wrote this poem as they worked on theirs.

The students have pledged to raise money for Ella’s Home, and sent Stop the Traffik’s “Fashion Victim” campaign postcards to Zara and Primark asking questions about the fashion supply chain. Many of them were unaware of the issue before. This is why schoolswork matters. 

The Fashion Victim Campaign:

My Dangerous Loverboy – a music video showing the dangers of teenage girls being trafficked within the UK:







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