things jesus didn’t say#1 | stronger

26 03 2014

I’m suffering from platitude attitude. That is, challenging the cliches and platitudes out there that sound sort of Jesus-y but he never said them. And I don’t think he meant them either. They don’t fit. This one crops up a lot. See Kelly Clarkson, Kanye West… It was actually Nietzsche who first said it. So, not Jesus then.  



This also showcases my patented drawing style, unimproved since 1984.  




2 responses

22 11 2014
Chris Ruddle

Love these pictures Kevin. Love the theology.
Do keep the ‘things Jesus didn’t say’ coming.

Chris Ruddle
Folkestone Baptist Church

22 11 2014

Thanks Chris, I’m glad they are helpful/useful. I will try & do some more!

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