the advent sessions // panic

20 12 2013

“Advent. Contains drama and mild peril.” That might be the rating description. There’s no violence (yet) but if people hearing voices, seeing angels and falling unusually pregnant doesn’t have your hand hovering over the panic button, I’m not sure what will.

Christmas angels have an pretty fairy-like quality in our art. But always begin their greeting with “Don’t panic!”. Why? Because they cause panic. Why panic? Ask Joseph. The forgotten character in the drama, the tough guy carpenter who said “I’m outta here”. Until he trusted an angel in a dream. Explain that to your mates at the Bethlehem Tavern.


The ‘my girlfriend’s pregnant’ problem causes panic even in our culture. Hence this leaflet I found on the pavement. If he’d had a phone, he would text OMG. Or OMY. God had a name. And God said don’t panic. 

Panic. What’s God asking us to do that makes us panic? Who’s baby is he asking us to care for? It’s not irony that later on Jesus says: when you care for the poor, naked, and homeless, you care for me. Like his dad did. You can’t get much more helpless than Jesus. And much more selfless than Joseph. 

So, again, what’s God asking of you that is making you panic? Think carefully, because that will be the thing that truly matters.



One response

22 12 2013

This blog post has been for me this morning the Living Word of God speaking directly to the heart of the matter.
Thank you for being the megaphone…

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