the advent sessions // despair

15 12 2013


The often forgotten partner of hope in advent.
Captured, I thought, in this discarded lottery ticket by the church door.

Despair follows hope and tries to drain it of colour.
John the Baptiser. Radical preacher. Dramatic prophet.
Cousin of Jesus.
From prison asks
Have I got it wrong?
What are you doing?
Where there was hope
Now there is despair.

Jesus replied. I am he. This is what is happening.

Great, thought John, immersed in the irony
Of an ascetic repentance-preaching
anti-establishment prophetic fire-brand
Beheaded for sport at an opulent royal feast.

Capture the despair of advent.
The pain of waiting.
When the bottom falls out of your world.

Because things do not always turn out well.


This is part of a series called the advent sessions, using local images to help reflect on advent.  Previous posts are:
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2 responses

15 12 2013

Thank you.

17 12 2013

Now it’s a trial
As you’d expect
It stands out a mile
Depressed to excess
I’m sure it means something
But I’n not sure what it should mean
I wish it were a dream
I wish I could scream

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