the advent sessions // fork handles

10 12 2013


Preparing the ground.
Digging in.
Turning it over.
Turning lives over.
Elizabeth. Zechariah. 
Nobody believing.

Preparing the ground.
Digging in.
Turning himself over.
Turning his very nature over.
Father. Son. Holy Spirit.
Nobody believing.

Imagine the conversation
Even in the omnipotent mind:

We must prepare the ground.
We must dig it over.
We must be safe.
But nothing that grows in nature is safe.
We know that.
We made that. 

So we dig.
We prepare the ground.
We choose faithful people.
Unexpected people.
Unexceptional people?

Take hold of the fork handle.
For the triune God
Preparing the ground is not static.
It is not safe.
It is not clean.
And it is not done alone. 

This is part of a series called the advent sessions, using local images to help reflect on advent. This picture is from my garden. It may be the last with the four candles/fork handles reference, but who knows. Previous posts are:
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3 responses

11 12 2013
Shelley Pipe

Wow! Stunning words. I can feel that fork digging in deep some days on others I feel like abandoned ground. Then I realise He just went to get another cause the handle snapped. Ground was too hard but He won’t give up. He just gets a bigger fork and digs a little harder. I love my God for that. 🙂
Thank you for sharing this.
Shelley 🙂

11 12 2013

I confess that I didn’t know what is what advent about.

11 12 2013

Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one!

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