the advent sessions // rebuild

8 12 2013

scaffolding houses_snapseedThe local housing association are doing a massive improvement project on local homes. New windows, doors, roofs. Scaffolding everywhere. More hi-viz jackets than you can shake your staffie’s stick at. And it’s about time. A lady I know is in a house that still has bomb damage. From WW2. And she has to pay the bedroom tax.

It reminded me of this promise from Isaiah:

They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations. (Isaiah 61:4 NIVUK)

In church it can be easy to talk in Advent about awaiting the return of the King to transform the earth like it’s some kind of fairy tale, wishful thinking, the end of a Disney movie with rousing music and glowing sunshine. Get outside amongst scaffolding and skips and hard-working labourers in freezing cold wind and it makes it more earthy. Who knows what the end will bring but in the meantime the transformation of which we are a part is dirty, cold, and hard work. Which is basically what John the Baptist said.  

His message was simple and austere, like his desert surroundings: “Change your life. God’s kingdom is here.” [Matthew 3.1-11 The Message]

This is part of a series in Advent using images from the local area. See also: the advent sessions // for candles 



2 responses

8 12 2013

Do we really believe God will transform the world and make sense of the twisted things we have done with his creation? If we do why aren’t we praying more for it to happen and co-operating with god in making it happen?

Some people do – Desmond Tutu comes to mind, but there are others. God has done a huge work thorough him and others. How much more could and would he do if more people truly believed, prayed and worked to see that transformation?

Dear God, please send someone else, not me.

9 12 2013

“Dear God, please send someone else, not me” …sadly the humance responce. Even Moses said it. We all want Big things to happen, to see Big changes to society, but God calls all of us to work as a team, as one body. He isnt after goal scorers … hero’s of faith to stand out and be followed, but for each of us to notice those within our reach and love them through word or action or even a smile. When we stretch out to love, Jesus streches with us and His Love through us can create a miracle. We are the wires, Jesus is the electricty that brings life. Let us touch those around us and let the Love and Life of Christ flow to the next person AND Not let someelse do it because we have all been called … not just some.

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