the advent sessions // for candles

4 12 2013
for candles

for candles

Are essentially interwoven through Advent.
But they are not Advent.
Are not the point, but they point to the point.
Are not holy, but they point to the holy.
Are not sacred; but they point to the sacred.
Are not God; but they point to God.

May we always keep the love in focus
Not the candles. 

Yet may these advent candles be the light
that lights our journey from
Abraham to Isaiah to Mary
from birth to death to resurrection
from peasant to cross to coming King.

This advent I will be using pictures to explore Advent and it’s meaning in my local area. This first picture is the Advent candles in Bishop Andrewes’ Church. Previously I did the Lent Sessions, some of which you can see here:



2 responses

4 12 2013


I do think the Two Ronnie’s might’ve had more of a look in..!

6 12 2013

And as the advent candels are lit from the paschal candle, so may we also be lit with the light and life of Christ and in our lives shine with that light and love. May our lives also point to the point, point to the holy, point to the sacred, point to God.

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