interest in religion is dead, right?

19 11 2013

It’s a drum people love to bang, that all wise and civilised folk have ‘moved on’ from childish beliefs in gods of any description (apart from 95% of the world), and that nobody is interested any more. So, I just thought I’d highlight this major TV series that took America by storm and is being shown here in December:

Oh, and this tiny little film featuring an unknown actors called, erm, Russell Crow and Anthony Hopkins:

You see, in the midst of our obsession with personal mini-stories has been the resurgence of the mega-story, what theologians call the meta-narrative. We’ve seen it in the big stories of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and even the Batman Trilogy and Superman reboots, among others. How did we get here, how did things end up like this, is there redemption, if there is a God then what does he say, and what would he have us do?

We desperately want to to believe there is something greater than us. We know there is more to life than what immediately surrounds us. We are endlessly fascinated by stories, myths and legends that show us something about ourselves. It just so happens some of them are true.  

It seems interest in religion isn’t dead, after all.




3 responses

21 11 2013

You are right. The problem is that the world view being espoused by nearly all the leaders is that the only thing that matters is logical rational thought that helps me achieve more of my personal goals and the nationas financial goals. Anything to do with right brain thinking about emotion,. ethics, art, faith, morality, love, philosophy is not worth having or spending money on.

Well that is plain nonsense and we need, as a Church to reclaim the right brain gound, and not be ashamed of it.

27 11 2013

Well said! Sorry it took a while to approve your comment, somehow it ended up in my spam!

11 12 2013

When I saw the trailer I was impressed. Its looks like quite a production. No religion isnt’ dead but sometimes its takes a a big occurrence or life event to remind people about that God is alive and we can count on him

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