an irresponsible chuckle

14 06 2013

When I first saw this at the back of our church, I simply made me chuckle. How can Bible reading notes be used irresponsibly, I thought?! I had visions of using them to prop up one table leg in cafes to make them wonky, or making ‘flob bombs’ to throw at teachers (do they still do that?), or crumbled up and mixed with water and cut into discs and flattened to make comedy communion wafers out of daily bread. Ha ha.  I think I thought that one through too much. 


Then my mind was drawn to 2 millennia of church history. And a frivolous chuckle suddenly became a serious thought. Maybe we should attach this warning to actual Bibles, considering how it has been and still is used irresponsibly. The word of God is free, but is not without cost; and claiming to understand it wields great power. As the oft-quoted prophet Uncle Ben (not the rice one) said, with great power comes great responsibility.

It is our responsibility to read the Bible, and to try to understand it, but to do so responsibly, looking not just through our own cultural eyes and for verses to back up our opinions. At home group when there was a question I didn’t know the answer to, and I went and got a book with Tom Wright in, someone said this is the problem – you start with a Bible, and end up with commentaries and concordances and it all gets more confusing. Yes, but would we expect to responsibly understand any other translated 1st century document without help?

So, although this started with an irresponsible chuckle, it doesn’t end there. Whoever wrote it has a point.

But I’m still wondering what was written first underneath the tippex… 




One response

17 06 2013

Sometimes I wonder whether the problem is we use the Bible too responsibly. We see it as a text book and treat it as something to be put on a shelf and respected.

Actually the Bible is a revolutionary exciting and chain breaking manifesto that changes your view of the world and brings you amazing thoughts straight from the heart of God! Of course to get this you have to read it and let it speak to you. Yes sometimes with the help of a commentary but sometimes just with the power of God’s spirit speaking deep into our soul.

Lets not use the Bible responsibly, lets use it enthusiastically and above all lets listen to it and react.

What are you thinking?

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