when the tide is out

12 04 2013

I went for a run during the Spring Harvest conference on a surprisingly sunny day.  This is what I saw and what it made me think….

Minehead beach

when the tide is out
suddenly all that was smooth and covered
and made of just

is a massed mess
of sand
and puddles and pebbles
and weeds

when the tide is out 
we can feel exposed and bare
when the things we use to cover the mess beneath
are removed, vanished,
disappear like the tide

we feel naked, trapped, frightened

when the tide is out
our boats can no longer float
when the tide is out
everything is still and the busyness of the waves
that blur and distract is gone
and we are left


when we are tired and drained and wrung out
and messy
and feel as useless as a dry harbour

may God meet with us
may God warm our rock-pools with his sun
may God show us our mess is his beauty
may God refresh us and remake us
and repaint us in brighter colours
and show us when the tide is out we can stand
where we could not stand yesterday

may God give us his rest
until we can float on his tide again. 

Minehead harbour



4 responses

12 04 2013

beautiful words

13 04 2013

Like Canute, we cannot stop the tide, or alter irs running. It reminds us of how powerful God is and how small we are, yet beautiful in his sight.

14 04 2013

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.

14 04 2013

Of course, even when I’m running through it…

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