i took jesus aside

31 03 2013

It is hard to get across how the disciples really did not know the resurrection was going to happen. This poem is imagining one of them taking Jesus aside on Sunday evening, with questions, concerns and even some anger. It’s meant to be read out loud.  

I took Jesus aside on the night he was resurrected
And lots of things he said to me were almost as unexpected
You see, we were terrified, confused, we’d put ourselves out on a limb
It wasn’t like we’d just decided on a whim
To leave everything
To follow him 

There were bills to pay and jobs to do
And mouths to feed and friends to lose
This mattered, this Jesus, this arrest and this death
This mattered, as all we based our lives upon breathed his final breath 

So come on then Jesus what are we to do?
You came, you went, you’re back again, so now it’s over to you 
We’ve lost our friends, we’re laughing stocks, we can’t really show our faces
Which is why we’re in here with the doors locked hiding in secret places 
Like criminals
How the mighty falls
How the walls have come crashing down 

And Jesus – well, he listened to me as the words came tumbling out 
I found out I was angry as my whisper turned to shout 
But he calmed me with a gentle touch and he looked me in the eye
It was all I could do to stop myself – the touch, it was… it was…

Jesus said 
I know it’s hard, I know its hard to see 
I can’t expect you to get it yet but I can help you to believe 
The first thing that you have to do is lift your head 90 degrees
Because you won’t see anything whilst your staring at your knees 
Lift your head
Lift your head 

When you are staring at the ground below you can’t see very much
And your world shrinks to the size of things that you can touch 
It’s easy when life is tough to find your head is always down
May my resurrection tell you the best place to look is around 

So I took his advice
I mean, I thought twice about that
Because I was enjoying feeling sorry for myself
And being angry was becoming addictive
And his track record of being wrong and ending up dead
Wasn’t something I wanted to follow
But I took his advice and I look around and I looked up
And it was then I saw who he was
I saw what it meant. 

The boy born in bethlehem
I didn’t know him then
But I know his friends and I’ve heard the stories
He was never just normal
There was always something special different 
Not just the first-born of Mary
But the first born of all creation
That he was there before it all began
That when he talks about he and the father being one
He doesn’t just mean he gets a fuzzy feeling
He means they are actually one
The image of the invisible God
The God we are not allowed to draw or see
Or even speak his name
We just say YHWH
It’s actually him. 
Brought low and lifted up
It’s like he was in very nature god
But he did not consider equality with God 
As something to be clutched
But gave himself to be nothing.
Before my eyes he was arrested and mocked and beaten
All the times we’ve said if only we could see God
And touch him and when finally we could
We killed him. 
Shamed, the shame, I flinch to think of the pain, yes
But the shame. 
I look up to see him there
But he is there no more. 
The firstborn, the image of God, the equal with God
Taking us with him when we were so dejected
It was the last thing we expected
After the priest and the Romans wrecked it
He was lifted up. 
He is lifted up.
He is the king we were expecting
His kingdom it really is coming
He is exalted in the highest of heavens
Who preached the good news to Israel
Who is good news to the whole world
Man and woman
Slave and free
Disabled and abled
Young and old
Anointed, but hung from a tree
Resurrected, so that we receive forgiveness of sins
He touched me.

Look up, look, look up and see 
Don’t just mumble and look at your feet
It’s Jesus, he is alive, he is alive, he is risen
Look up and discover that we have been chosen
Look up and you’ll see that we all can know him

 I took him aside on the night he was raised 
And though I was angry he wasn’t at all phased 
Lift your head, he said, lift your head up and see
That I’ve been raised from the dead, I am alive.,
Follow me.




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31 03 2013

Amen. Utterly profound. Mystery.

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