easter saturday is here again

30 03 2013

(A poem by my friend Ian Edgson)

Every day we die a little death
Firing weapons under our breath
The complications of staying alive
The trepidation as everything slides
To stand and fight or to mingle cowed?
Deathly quiet might be our shroud
Hymns to hedonism lure us in
Anonymous saints bedevilled by sin
In dark and dangerous crowds we hide
Around us swirling clouds collide
Easter Saturday is here again.

The cold shadow of the crucifixion
Vapour traces of a resurrection
Broken Jesus buried in a tomb
What is this mountain that we’ve come up to?
Do we cling grimly to our battered rock?
Whilst praying fervently the madness stops?
Our prayers are desperate wordless darts
The shockwave tremors of splattered hearts
Where is God in all this pain?
If his angels could just explain
Easter Saturday is here again.

The whole world turned sad
The light drained from the sky
“Why have you abandoned me, my God?”
Was his last cry
The hope froze in our hearts
The tears burned in our eyes
The day that Jesus died.




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30 03 2013
God and man at cross purposes | Dr Ken Baker

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