the lent sessions // money shop

27 03 2013

Maybe it’s the same where you live. As proper shops go, the money shops arrive. Shops that claim to be able to sell you money at a good rate. This is rarely true. This shop has a poster at the moment. Borrow £100, only pay back £125. When you are in debt and desperate, this is where you end up.SAM_1246_Snapseed

One of the ways we try to understand Easter is to talk about debt. Sin, or the “human propensity to [m]uck things up” (Spufford), puts us into an unpayable debt to God. What religions do is act a bit like a cheque shop. Lend us goodness credits, but we end up only more enslaved. What Jesus did is pay the debt in full. Redeemed the slave.

Maybe this is where only the poor can truly understand it. Only those who are truly in debt, without any capital or property or family to lean on. Maybe only they can understand what it is to be freed from that. 

Next time we pass a cheque shop, a pawnbrokers, or a betting shop, let’s think on the debt they accrue in the most vulnerable. And think how we can bring the resurrection into that reality.

Can you support Christians Against Poverty, or a Credit Union, or the CAB?  




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