the lent sessions // lamps

24 03 2013


Look carefully at this picture and you’ll see we are getting new lampposts in our street. They shine brighter, with a brilliant white light, not the dull orange glow from before. It’s quite a job though. Each lamppost individually replaced, with 2 men a lorry and host of tools. And the weather is bad.

If you want new light, sometimes you have to put the work in. You need to don the high-viz waterproofs, step into the freezing rain and dig the hole. Jesus saves us by faith; he can bring the kingdom how he wants; but he chooses to partner with us. We might be happy with our dull glow. But there’s new light. New life.  

Many won’t notice the lampposts being built. But they will notice the new light.  




One response

25 03 2013

Thats the thing about light isn’t it, you don’t notice it, or its source, until it isn’t there anymore. You don’t notice its getting dull, or that you need to sit closer to the lamp to read.

I think many of us need new lampstands and more light. We have grown comfortable with our low wattage discoloured relationship with God, and we need renewal of our lampstands.

What are you thinking?

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