the lent sessions // zebra

2 03 2013

Circle zebra crossing_SnapseedI cross this zebra crossing most days. Almost without fail, when I stop the car for a pedestrian to cross, they say thank you. This always makes me smile. Old men, old women, mums with kids and builders with sandwiches, school kids, students, everyday people. 

Our area can feel quite depressed, and a lot of people feel down about life. But they still have time to say thank you. 

They say its the small things that get you down. Maybe sometimes its the small things that should lift us up. 




2 responses

2 03 2013

and which so often do… 🙂

2 03 2013

But you see its my right for you to stop. I demand it, fight for it, exert it and take legal actioj against you if you don’t. Saying thank you is not necessary.
But yes, it is the “small” pleasantries that make so much difference. They are what helps life be good. And they are what we are losing as we assert out rights and as we submit to big government.

Maybe for Lent we should give up our rights and celebrate what we are given.

What are you thinking?

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