the lent sessions // bathroom

13 02 2013
St Helier bathroom 2012

St Helier bathroom 2012

This is a house near us getting a new bathroom. Ready-made, hoisted up on a crane over the terraced roofs and down. A minor inconvenience for those around as the roads is closed, but what a difference for the family.

The bathroom is where all the bad stuff goes. Down the toilet, down the sink, through the plughole and away. Regular cleaning keeps this process running smoothly. But sometimes the whole system is worn out and needs renewing.

Today is Ash Wednesday. Today we get new bathrooms. Today we take on the inconvenience of repentance so that the means by which the bad stuff is removed can be renewed, refreshed, and for some, replaced. We may well repent frequently, but even with regular cleaning sometimes we are worn out and a deep clean is necessary, especially where sin is concerned. So, in humility, we invite God in. And we do it together, in community. 

We celebrate when God does something big in us.  You can’t keep a new bathroom a secret. Maybe today will be the day for us. 

This is the first of a mini-series during Lent using images more than words. I am not a photographer, so they won’t be the best pictures. But I want to use pictures from what I have seen and heard around me as a starting point for reflecting on God. Sometimes they will be pictures of places I have been, but probably mostly from around where I live.

Here’s a little taste of British Pathe history for you about the original new bathrooms of the 1960’s and 70’s:

Read more here.



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