1 01 2013

2012 was
a tough year.
I think the toughest
I can remember
as a grown up.

there is a perfect storm of
across life.

faith and 
family were all challenged
and just about survived.

The hope is for
resilience without hardness
faith without papering the cracks
and family without self-interest.

I hope this year
will be more
For us and
for you too.

Thank you for reading. 

hope is a place




14 responses

3 01 2013
neil stewart

nice one vicar had no idea you had such a tough year, but they come they go Heaven is for ever more tea??

3 01 2013

thanks neil. your cat commentary has kept me going.

3 01 2013
neil stewart

am 50 this year want to spend time seeing people time for a beer at some point??

3 01 2013

yes let’s fb or email 🙂

3 01 2013
neil stewart


3 01 2013

Good to see you’ve made it through Kevin. As a survivor myself, I can say that it’s the KNOWING you’ve survived more than the actual survival that makes you more faithful/confident the next time it gets a bit scary.

3 01 2013

How right you are mayhem!

4 01 2013
Simon Butler

Hi Kevin, nice thought. Have you come across the new book Resilient Pastors by Justine Allain-Chapman? Worth a look…

4 01 2013

I haven’t, but thanks for the recommendation…

4 01 2013

must have been something about 2012… same for me! (see my latest blog)

4 01 2013

I’ll have a look, and hope your future becomes clear…

4 01 2013

thank you.

4 01 2013
Kate M

Cheers for this! I love it and have passed it on to others I know who had a challenging 2012. Blessings. Kate

4 01 2013

Thank you…

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