the postman

24 12 2012

At our Carols by Candlelight last night I didn’t do a preach but told a lyrical story. First we watched this fantastic video called the Christmas Chord, so to understand you’ll need to watch it too…

…what I did afterwards was a bit like The Christmas Cord Pt II, only it’s called The Postman. It’s a bit long for a blog, so here’s the second half… but first, the context: 

A postman was doing his round, and met an ordinary person driving a Ford Mondeo who turned out to be the angel Gabriel. Gabriel gave him a box, and inside was a cord (like in the Christmas Cord, see what I did there…) and the postman wasn’t pleased. Gabriel wants him to pass it on. Anyway, read and enjoy. A bit like a rebellious repenting, it needs to be read out loud! 

I don’t understand and I don’t like the sound
Of your words now Gabriel you’re freaking me out
As if it’s not weird enough that your bringing me boxes
In an old ford Mondeo – I am going to stop this
And I threw it away the box and the string
But the string
had a cling
though I tried to fling it

Far it stayed with me

There’s no connection, I said, between the birth of your Jesus
And me; thousands of years that have passed in-between us
I’m just an ordinary person and I don’t understand
Whatever this God of yours thinks he’s got planned
It’s not real; it’s not true, it’s just a story or a crutch 
I’m not interested anymore and I’ll tell you this much 

But Gabriel stopped me with the gentlest of touches 
And he said Jesus is alive and he’s speaking to others
This cord represents the links down the centuries 
Of people who have met him and ingrained on their memories

The reality of God born through Jesus the baby
The reality of God who jumped in incarnationally 
The reality of God who meets with us relationally 
The Way in Manger – but he didn’t stay there, not stationary

But he’s moved right through history from the beginning of time
And he’s moving right now if you’ll open your eyes
The world might be broken but this cord never breaks
The world might feel heavy and sometimes faith shakes
But this cord is the link that binds, ties, or connects
And it’s a musical note that harmoniously blends 

It’s the cord that binds us together “Bind us together” no not like the song
But like The Way in a Manger when God’s plan looks all wrong
Like the shepherds and the wise men and so many others
You’ve been chosen to deliver the message that God isn’t above us
But he’s alive and he’s here and he wants to change the world
You’re a postman, so deliver it, like a banner unfurled  

Why would you give me such a message to share?
I’m just a postman delivering letters no-one notices I’m there
And Gabriel said 
remember the shepherds before
The first who saw
And came to adore
The new-born baby
Joseph and his lady
Can you see just maybe
That God is a bit crazy

It’s always ordinary people who God speaks to and chooses
If we let him, and trust him, he will not abuse this
So come on have a think because you’ve got to choose this
Who will you choose to tell about Jesus 
When you’ve made your decision put the cord back inside
And then you’ll be ready to make the delivery of your life

So, I saw an angel in a Ford Mondeo 
And he asked me to choose someone so here we go
I’m choosing the people I most want to see glow
With the life and the light of the Jesus I now know
Maybe you’ve figured it out, you know what I’ll do
Like Jesus himself, right now I choose you.

Merry Christmas to all my readers, occasional, regular and first-timers. 




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