today a kurdish muslim cut my hair

19 12 2012

This wasn’t him.

Today a Kurdish Muslim cut my hair. 
Today I took a funeral and his wife of 48 years was very, very sad.
The Kurdish Muslim isn’t a proper Muslim, according to his friends.
Today the banks were fined over £1bn pounds for fixing something.
He gives Christmas presents to his English girlfriend, so can’t be a proper Muslim.
Today it appears that the Police lied to frame a politician and it worked.
He says to them, but you get drunk, so you are not proper Muslims either.
Today the deaths of 20 children in a school have made even the NRA stop and think.
I said Christians are just as good picking and choosing bits they want to act on.
Today I am sad for one of our older ladies who is in hospital.   
Anyway, shouldn’t a good Muslim celebrate the birth of the prophet Jesus?
Today I wish more people understood the Christmas story isn’t just for children.   

Doesn’t the Qu’ran tell Muslims to read about Jesus? He wasn’t sure. I am.
Today everybody blames everybody else for not being able to trust anybody else.
It’s strange to be of a different religion at Christmas. Said 3 astronomers in a stable. 
Today I have fragmented thoughts about the world in which we live.

Today a Kurdish Muslim cut my hair. 




2 responses

20 12 2012

I’ve just been to a school Christmas play where I was told to get to the core of Christmas.

Listening I heard a lot about camels, a bit about a donkey, something about angels, a story about presents and a piece about a baby. But I was told that the core of Christmas was family, peace and love. I’m not sure what other religions made of it, I know that it confused me. I thought Christmas was about turkey, snow and evergreen trees. Tesco’s think it is about me spending money.

What is Christmas about? Answers on a (Christmas) card please.

20 12 2012

Peace and love. Like a 1960’s festival. There’s not a whole load of peace in the story though is there!

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