skyfall? done.

4 11 2012

“Everybody needs a hobby.”
“What’s yours?”

Skyfall is probably the best Bond film ever. Franchises usually have ever-decreasing ability to re-invent, as they are essentially telling the same story over and over again. But somehow Bond has managed it. And I knew it as soon as I saw the trailer. 

Trailers are fascinating. How do you give people enough of a glimpse of the story to hook them in, without giving them so much that they don’t need to see the film. After countless trailers I think, well if they are the best bits, there’s no way I’m seeing the rest. But the trailer for Skyfall had me hooked. Why? The drama, the emotion, the old story re-cast for the new generation, recognisably Bond but somehow… new, different, better. And of course, until you’ve seen the end you won’t get it. You can’t get it. 

When Jesus walked the earth as a human he was like a trailer for the Kingdom of God. He began with a low-budget poster campaign – some healing here, a miracle there – and crescendoed with the raising of Lazarus, which was like the full-blown primetime TV trailer. He hooked people in to knowing there is more to expect from life and more to expect from God. He was telling the old story, but re-booted with a twist. A different ending:

The Kingdom is coming. The sky will fall and the kingdom will be here. But more than that. The sky is falling. The kingdom is here. Can you see it?

I could show you a trailer for the kingdom. It might include some friends from our community, and it might include alcohol and substance addiction under control or beaten; it might include a revelation of God’s love after years of living under a feeling of God’s disappointment; it might include new faith, and old faith; it might include a touch of God here, a brushstroke there, a glimmer of hope in unexpected places; it might include supportive friendship for mums at toddler group; it might include resurrection. 

In raising Lazarus Jesus was showing a trailer for the kingdom. Jesus invites us to be a trailer for the kingdom. But as Christopher Lee knows, if you’re in the trailer you need to be in the film.

When Jesus was resurrected he brought the kingdom into the here and now. It is not for later. It is no longer a trailer.

Jesus changed the course of history and made the sky fall away that separates us from God; that was when the kingdom story began and when we were invited to step into it. It is happening now. It is now. Be part of it.  

It’s called resurrection, and it’s more than just a hobby. It’s life.  




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4 11 2012

Hm. When I started reading this I, the inhabitant of another cultural planet, thought you were talking about space dive!!!! I quickly realised you weren’t as that didn’t involve Mr Bond or her Majesty the Queen of England and Scotland, and you were talking about something presented on the magic lantern.

It set me to thinking whether space dive was also a trailer, or even a metaphor. It is the closest thing we have to somebody coming to earth from outside it, so what about the arrival of Jesus. We have the enunciation, in all the webcasts, hype etc before the event. Then we have the actual event, undertaken by a driven person with a mission, carried out with great risk. It hadn’t been done before and nobody quite knew what would happen or how it would work. It could have all gone wrong.

Then it happened, and as he landed and calmly picked up his parachute, bang on target, it all looked, well, rather ordinary. It was quickly yesterday’s news, overtaken by Hurrican Sandie and thepolitics in the centre of the known world.

But I suspect, in years to come when whoever is still alive looks back, it will be seen as one of those crux events that become a reference point and open up new horizons (pardon the pun) in where man goes.

Like all trailers and metaphors it breaks down, if it was possible to express it in a trailer you wouldn’t need the film, which in many cases would be a good thing. But maybe we need to look again at the God events and see them with different eyes. To be amazed and scared and thrilled and excited.

Life is sometimes stranger than fiction.

4 11 2012

Really great post! And c2drl’s comment is pretty good, too!

24 11 2012

Excellent post. Love your metaphors ;). “if you’re in the trailer you need to be in the film” pretty much sums it up. And so we live…and more than that…we endure.

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