a sorry situation

21 09 2012

Following Nick Clegg’s saccharine sweet (sincere and wholehearted) apology for the wrong thing, there is a lot to be said and reflected on about truth, about being brave enough to say sorry, what sorry actually means in modern politics (let’s forget about it and move on) and about the place of forgiveness, justice and truth.

But that’s not for now, because I just wanted to share 2 genius YouTube remixes of his apology, to help us chuckle our way through student debt.

The first is his apology auto-tuned into a memorable song:


And the second is the apology with subtitles:

If you are a fan of  Nick Clegg, then I can only apologise…




2 responses

21 09 2012

Isn’t this post dehumanising?

21 09 2012

Touche. I think you are probably right. Always assuming he was human to start with (is that even more dehumanising? I think I should go now.)

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