9 09 2012

The car park ticket fluttered to the ground, unseen. Which was all very well, until I returned to the car park, and searched my pocket for the ticket to pay. I searched my wallet, my pockets, behind my ear. Nothing.

Being a Famous Five reader when I was little, I knew what to do. Retrace my steps. Back to the car. Not on drivers seat. Not on passenger seat. Where had I put it when the machine spat it out at me? In my mouth of course. It wasn’t there. Checked the boot. I don’t know why. Getting serious case of ‘car park fluster’ now. Running late, considering ‘lost ticket’ charge, removing dog collar…

Check the floor…? Chance will be a fine thing. But… there it was! And it was mine! I went to the machine, paid my £1.60, and back to the car. Little did I know this was not the end. If only every day was so exciting.

I got to the exit barrier, put my ticket and… it wouldn’t go in. So I turned it round. Nothing. Upside-down. Nope. Waved it. I don’t know why. Still nothing. Luckily there was another machine behind me, and no car in the way. Tried the same. Nothing. I reversed out and into the next lane. Same again. I looked for the help button to speak to a helpful car park operative. There wasn’t one. A help button, I mean. I can’t speak for the latter.

“I just want to pay!”, I screamed inside my head. “I JUST WANT TO PAY!”, I very nearly screamed out loud. Thankfully there were still no cars behind me, so I was about to reverse to find somewhere to park to find a person to ask… and it was then that I noticed.

The barrier was already open.

it wasn’t this barrier. even i would have noticed.

That was why the tickets didn’t work. I have never been so grateful not to have  car behind me.

I was so desperate to pay, I didn’t notice the barrier was open. I wasn’t sure if I was cross, because of my serious case of ‘car park fluster’, or whether to laugh out loud at being such a wally.

I think a lot of us are like that with God. We are so desperate to pay, we don’t notice the barrier is open. And when we do notice, we are cross we’ve spent so much time trying to pay that we keep trying to pay anyway. Or we can’t accept it and are still looking for the helpful car park attendant. Some of us haven’t noticed, and are still blocking the open entrance searching for the right button to let us through.

There is no charge. The barrier to God’s grace is open. We can walk through it laughing. If only we would look up and see.

It wasn’t this bad…



2 responses

9 09 2012

Yes we see what we expect to see, I think its the same when we read the bible. We see what we have always been told was there, and misss what God is saying to us. And we get caught up in the rust of the moment and don’t actually take in what it is really saying, Oh for time to take it more slowly.

I’d like to laugh at your story but I’ve been in similar situations myself, so I don’t think I dare.

9 09 2012

simple but so true and exactly what we need to hear – thank you!

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