more than chairs

6 09 2012

The vicar walks into the church. It’s empty. Again. He sighs. He thinks…

Chairs. When you can only see what’s infront of you, it’s just a load of chairs. And floor, and songbooks and untidy corners no-one quite gets round to sorting out. It’s depressing, it’s pointless. It’s just chairs and boring stuff. 

The vicars remembers it’s Tuesday. There is no-one here because it’s Tuesday. 

Remember. Remember what is was like on Sunday! People. There were people. When you can only see what’s infront of you it’s chairs, but when you can remember, you remember there was life. Life made up of seeking souls and faithful believers and people who don’t quite know why they’re there. You could barely see the chairs. Remembering – to put the bits of the past into the present, to re-member the whole body. Then it begins to make sense. 

The vicar sees the future. Not like Dr Who, but like a vision.

Life! A vision of fire bouncing of walls – not bad fire, Holy Spirit fire. The place, brimming with people all messy and broken and beautiful. Lives changed and changing. When you can see the future breaking into the present, that is when there is life. Much more than chairs. 

but what lovely chairs

Today this vicar saw life. Today is Thursday and the playgroup started again. Life returns from its summer slumber. The people are back, with their noisy kids and heavy burdens and supportive friendships and single-parent tiredness, with their beautiful potentials and their resilient hearts and working partners, with their humanity and that that that that THAT is what this vicar loves. People, gathered. Jesus, there, whether they know it or not.  

May God allow us to see so much more than what is infront of us. May God give us the patience to remember the past, and the vision to see the future – and the courage to live in the present – because there is life here.

So much more than chairs. 

they drew round their hands and coloured them in. obviously.




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