vaccinated against hope

13 07 2012

“I don’t care about anybody else
when I haven’t got my own life figured out

I know I am so self-obsessed I guess,
but there’s no hope”

After a long time of lamenting the lack of lyrics that even vaguely attempt to say anything (and awaiting the new Mumfords album for that reason) I have discovered a few recently. From Plan B and Jay Z/Kanye West in the hip-hop genre we move to the maudlin indie-blues of The Vaccines. No Hope feels (and sounds) like a song that could have been written in the 1980’s. 

In parts it typifies both the ‘lostness’ of a young generation looking at a future with no jobs, no affordable housing, no chance of moving out of mum & dad’s, no over-arching story of a place in the world and nobody in authority who can be trusted; but it also typifies the selfishness of a young generation who can’t think about anyone else until they’ve got their own life figured out. What else would they learn from recent scandals including bankers, MP’s, the Police and the media? 

We need to be getting alongside young people, showing them that part of figuring their lives out is in acting out our faith, which means giving of our lives to others. Life is not just about what we get out of it, but what we can put in. Only then will the fruit of the Spirit grow, and the vaccine against hope endlessly perpetrated by the media and our society (that celebrates mediocrity and failure) be overcome.

We have seen it work here. Long may it last.  



3 responses

13 07 2012

For soul-searching lyrics with gritty reality held together with hope, try Switchfoot, my favourite indie rock band on the planet.

13 07 2012

Thanks Karen. I’m aware of Switchfoot, though don’t have any of their material. What I’m more interested in though is what is popular in the charts and being played on the mainstream radio, or on the fringes of it, rather than bands with a specifically Christian leaning… (maybe just a secret one!).

13 07 2012

Gotcha! Just signposting them in case anyone got here (to this post) by googling The Vaccines.

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