has social networking changed our morality?

20 06 2012

This is the question posed by 4thought.tv on Channel 4 this week. It is well worth a look, you can view all of the contributions on the website as well seeing them at 7.55pm on Channel 4. My favourite is obviously Jon Kuhrt, but that’s because I know him and his blog, but I won’t mention that. 

What do you reckon? I know some of my readers are well into social networking, and some of you are not, except to read the occasional blog. Like this one. Are there other, greater, influences on our morality?



4 responses

20 06 2012

mmmmm mixed about this….. It has made me more aware of when I need to pull my “moral socks” up. So that is a good thing. However, I notice it when other people need to, too and dont seem to realise it themselves. I have chosen to block certain people from my facebook page, for example, because they are so rude, sceptical. dogmatic and negative. Some of them really shocking me. People that I would not normally see very often or at all. Not a good thing.

20 06 2012
David Lewis

As a non user of social networking I think it has changed relationships for the worse. Instead of talking to people there is this endless feed of twaddle and noting intimate betweent the two people. E conversations anyway are too remote and make vast space for misunderstanding and hurt.

People want the warmth of human contact, not mindless twittering.

20 06 2012

Was there life before social networking????
I try to keep true to myself on Facebook. I don’t put anything on there that I wouldn’t say in “real life” and I try to keep upbeat and interesting! (I try! 😉 )
I think people tire easily of people who only post doom and gloom, negativity and vulgarity!
I know some people tend to hide behind their computer screens and say things to people, especially strangers, that they would never say to people in real life, often quite nasty! It’s pretty much like road rage… they feel protected because they can always lock their car doors…. or turn off their monitors and forget about it.
I’m glad you haven’t blocked me Heidi! 🙂

21 06 2012

I think you said what I think is the most important thing about social networking – don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in “real life”. That’s what I try to do, which is why my blog is not anonymous, so I am accountable to you lot! Because this is real life.

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