meet him in the (ryan) air

11 06 2012

During an(other) horrible wet and cold summers evening I thought I’d pass the time by pretending to go on holiday so was cruising Ryanair’s website (as you do) and the ridiculousness of the pricing system got my goat. Quite how my goat had got in I don’t know, but it was wet outside.  

To exemplarise, in order to not take Ryanair’s travel insurance you have to pretend you are, choose the drop-down menu to choose your country of origin, and click “do not choose” which is listed in the alphabetical list between Latvia and Lithuania. Obviously. Then you have to unchoose hotels, shoe bombs and they even try to sell you a suitcase that they’ll charge you £50 to take. 

If this annoys you like it does me, you’ll like Tom Wrigglesworth’s Open Letter to the low-cost airline industry from Radio 4

I’m only joking

On the other hand, it made me think… how does church reflect the airline industry? I was thinking along these lines:

Anglo-Catholics are a bit like British Airways: you pay more than you need to guarantee you a place. Don’t take any chances. Take an extra Mass and say another Hail Mary just in case. Emphasis is on paying a lot, and the cost is all upfront (if not a bit extravagant, but you wouldn’t want to take any chances.)  At least the pricing is (reasonably) clear, so you don’t have to think too much.

Evangelicals are like Ryanair: the ticket is free and your place in guaranteed. Booked. Simples. But beware of the hidden charges. Didn’t we mention lifelong sanctification project, weekly tithing of at least 10% of your (gross) income, serving on at least 3 Alpha courses a year and learning the value of camping? Oh, and you can’t bring baggage that big on board… 

I’m sure it’s nothing like that at all. And I’m sure the rain will stop soon. In the meantime, have you got any better likenesses?!




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