hope [less] full

8 06 2012

I know lots of people who struggle with eating disorders. Some do life ‘normally’ so that nobody knows; some are regularly hospitalised; some are able to receive treatment, others cling only to prayer and the fragile strand of hope, or are prevented from death only by some instinct for survival or by the actions of others. Some do all of the above at various times. 

I know Jesus as well. Eating with people was one of the hallmarks of his ministry, and so for people to struggle with this illness every day when food is so inescapable must pain him. I want him to sort it out. I want my friends to be well. I want him to kick the butt of anorexia, or bulimia, and whatever causes it.

It takes longer that we want.     

I know there is always hope. Ok, I don’t always. I’m meant to though, being a vicar. But I want there to be. Maybe you can hope for me today.  

hope is

hope is trusting that over the horizon or just in the next footstep
there is more than survival though sometimes it feels like

only that. 

hope is knowing that Jesus’ touch can restore us
even when it’s slower than the butt-kicking we would prefer he gave to what

binds us. 

hope is knowing we are not slaves to anyone or anything but him
hope is knowing we are never given up on no matter how many times
we want to be 
or think

we ought to be.

hope is knowing that others still carry hope for you
when you have none left for yourself.

hope is knowing that others still love you
when you cannot love yourself.

hope is an active verb
hope is real
hope is rooted in Jesus
hope is ours

hope is.

For information about eating disorders and other related issues including support and advice, go to the ToBeHonest



2 responses

10 06 2012

How funny, the other day I was going to ask you how you cope with knowing so many people that need help and also knowing that you cant save or help everyone you want to. I guess this post answers that question.

10 06 2012

Thanks Cress – it’s a constant challenge, there’s no easy answer, but seeing when God does make a difference (or at least I think he does) gives me hope. I do wish he’s do more though.

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