time for plan b

25 05 2012

Pop music at the moment is so anaemic, there may be a few good tunes but considering the economic and political situation we are in, where are the protest songs? The dominance of blandness, mass-market acceptability and the chance of being covered on the X-Factor means they are largely absent from the radio.

Well, finally maybe we have one. It’s not pretty, and it may not be right, but isn’t it time for political class-system rant? It’s the undercover genius of rapper Plan B, watch and see what you think.

Stick at it even if its not usually your thing. He was interviewed today on the Today programme on Radio 4 if that helps you justify a cheeky bit of hip hop. Full lyrics available here if you want to sing along. Turn up the volume as well. Protest songs should never be quiet. 

This link is a bit temperamental so here’s Plan b’s myspace to watch there.

or on Jools Holland here



2 responses

26 05 2012

Politics: smoke and mirrors, april fools… indeed.
Intriguing interview with Plan B in last month’s Q magazine too. Worth checking out.
It’s good to know that the spirit of punk is still flickering and someone thinks that music is for changing things rather than acquiring things. Anger is an energy, as Johnny Rotten once said. We don’t have to take this crap, as Paul Weller once said.
If there was no Plan B, those arrogant posh boys would have to invent one (as if).

18 06 2012
uncomfortable? « DIGGING IN

[…] theblogofkevin brought to my attention Plan B’s perfomance on ‘Later with Jools Holland’. If you’re familar with Jools Holland you’ll be aware that the performances he has on don’t usually make you feel uncomfortable – but i’ve got to say Plan B’s did slightly! In fact you started to wonder if it might get a little out of hand, with lyrics like “What you looking at you little rich boy!” (It was all a performance of course… Or was it?…). […]

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