forgive us our debts

3 02 2012

Maybe the national debt crisis isn’t affecting you directly. I am pleased for you. There are so many for whom it is tragic. The latest figures from Credit Action are pretty startling. Here are some high (low?)lights: 

  • Average household debt in the UK (excluding mortgages) was £7,948 in December. This is down from a revised £7,972 in November.
  • Average household debt in the UK (including mortgages) was £55,823 in December. This is up from a revised £55,818 in November.
  • The average amount owed per UK adult (including mortgages) was £29,547 in December. This was around 122% of average earnings.
  • 331 people are declared insolvent or bankrupt every day (based on Q3 2011 trends). This is equivalent to 1 person every 60 seconds during each working day.
  • Citizens Advice Bureaux in England and Wales dealt with 8,652 new debt problems every working day during the year ending September 2011.
  • 193 mortgage possession claims are issued and 153 mortgage possession orders are made every day

A lot of this is our fault. We make bad decisions. We are coerced into thinking that we need need need all these things that we can’t afford, and are tempted to borrow borrow borrow so that we can have have have. But sometimes we just have rotten luck and are made redundant. Sometimes life just goes belly-up. I have made more referrals to the Sutton Foodbank in the last 3 months than in the previous 2 years out together. 

So if this isn’t affecting you, spare a generous thought for those it is. And think about how you could help. And if it is affecting you, do something about it TODAY! Contact Christians Against Poverty or search DirectGov here, but do not not not go to a payday loan company. Please! 




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3 02 2012
neil stewart

Be afraid vicar I have much time on my hands so now can join in. I do agree that payday loan company are a complete and utter rip off I am surprised they are allowed to operate the way they do unfortunately it seems to me it is the people who are not very good with finance or mental maths the end up going to them.

We have a really good credit union in Crawley and if you don’t have one in Sutton get someone to start one.

Churches could also do more trading a few members of the congregation in debt counselling. It always seems to me totally unfair that if you want to buy a 50 g jar of coffee it cost you much more pro rata than if you were able to afford the 400 g jar, churches could buy non-perishable goods wholesale and then sell them at cost or just over so that if people only want to buy 7 teaspoons of coffee, or a few Tea bags they could

9 02 2012

Hi did you ever do blog or sermon about Psalm 146:7-8?

9 02 2012

Not specifically on those verses, but you might find this one along similar lines, it’s called dirty hands or helium balloons.

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