christmas rush

11 01 2012

Carrots. Turkey. Carols. Funerals. Sad. Preparation. Music. Choices. Praying. Hello! Broad smile. Very tired. Same old story. Breathe new life. How?

Oranges. Candles. Dressing up. Chaos. Cough. Smile. Feeling low. Losing voice. Keep smiling. Another service. Who is it for? Songs. Music. Links. Trying to be interesting. Ideas. Will it work?

Funerals. Smiling. Energy. Big. Dr Who. Let down. Rev. Excellent! Sleeping. Children. Traditional Christmas. Archaic Christmas. Don’t mention Father Christmas. Is a fraud. Afraid. Jesus. Stable. No stable? Bethlehem. Nazareth? What to mention. Grown up message. Children there. Rapid re-think. Tried. Tired.

Cough. Forgot tissues. Weary. Joy! To the world? Christmas Day. Encouraged! Break. Good news. Sherlock! Sleeping. New year. Done. Phew. 




One response

11 01 2012
fran lewis

But why did Mary go to Bethlehem? No one said she had to?

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