9 10 2011

We were praying for our community this week. It was active prayer. One of the things we were invited to do was cut some weeds down, weeds that choke growth of faith.

God really spoke to me about weeds. That there are so many weeds in our community. Weeds that choke, weeds that block, weeds that take valuable life and steal all it’s beauty.

Sex and sexualisation. Inadequacy and failure. Lack of wisdom. Love lost and love never received. Debt that entangles. Drugs that ensnare. Families that just don’t work. Lack of aspiration. Unrealistic aspiration. Lies that form the web of life.

We are called to weed. That is why you can’t separate so-called social action from preaching the gospel. For the good news to be able to grow, someone needs to do the weeding. Being a part of clearing out the crap is part of what we do. Even though we bring our own fair share with us.

People who weed get hurt. Scratched. Tired. But without weeding, nothing can grow. So let’s pray for the weeds to go. But as any gardener knows, praying for the weeds to go makes no difference. You have to get stuck in.

Anyone up for it?



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9 10 2011

Didn’t Jesus say something about weeds growing alongside the crops? Maybe a different metaphor. I think he was meaning sins and you are meaning the result of sin in our community. I think you are both right.
There are different types of weeding. My wife will spend hours pulling up little weeds methodically so that a small patch looks clean. I on then other hand enjoy clearing overgrown areas of big weeds and briars. I am lousy at doing the small ones. God gives us all different gifts.

9 10 2011

Thanks, mate, timely reminder. We are well and truly stuck in here trying to clear weeds but it is hard work and we are tired & getting scratched up quite a lot….

9 10 2011
'nid russ

Good to hear you are getting on with it, vic. Be refreshed, keep going,keep in touch with the Master Gardener, don’t give up!…..

9 10 2011

…weeding is so hard – there is always pain involved and it is very tiring – pray for our church please – you don’t need to know who we are, God knows who you will be praying for – thank you xc

10 10 2011
neil stewart

blimey almost profound

10 10 2011

Thank you all – and Neil, that’s high praise indeed! I’ll keep working down the profundity mine and see what I can come up with…

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