rocket shoes

1 10 2011

I was going to school with my 6 year-old on Friday and we were running a bit late. Quite late actually, so he really was running a bit to keep up with daddy’s long legs. Between breaths he turned to me and said

‘why don’t we pray to God that he bring us a super-rocket-boost to wear and we get to school and not be late’

and I thought for a second and said that I didn’t think God answered questions like that very often with a yes. I said he was more likely to say that if we wanted to get to school on time we probably should have left a bit earlier.

He looked at me again and said ‘what about special rocket shoes?’

and I thought isn’t that how so many of us pray to God. Maybe not for rocket shoes though sometimes they would be useful.

Other parts of my week were spent in conversation with people in various different stages of crisis – physical or mental illness or total family breakdown or bereavement, some very immediate and some very long-term over years and years, and with those who think they are too evil to be loved or too insignificant to be properly noticed.

So the prayer for rocket feet was particularly pertinent. One person’s rocket feet is another persons healing or reconciliation or hug. It’s good to pray. I think next time I’ll pray for rocket feet and see what happens.

Which sort of contradicts myself. Well, no-one said I should be consistent.




3 responses

2 10 2011
Radical Believer

Special rocket shoes! I think all pastors, ministers, vicars etc need those so that we can get from one appointment to the next in zero time. It woudl be so much more efficient, even if it would be grace-less.

4 10 2011

Prayer is still an enigma isn’t it. We can’t pray for rocket shoes becfause it is our fault we are late and we don’t like to bother God. But in other things which are our fault, like when we have upset somebody, we sask God to sort it out and he does. Given that God’s perspective is ressurection and eternity I don’t klnow why he is so good and answers prayer for “small” things in this life, and big things too. But I know he does, regularly he blesses and answers. I guess if i could understand him he wouldn’t be so big and amazing and then he couldn’t be God.

8 10 2011

I’m praying for rocket feet everyday right now…

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