25 08 2011

When God looks at you he does not see a GCSE certificate. Maybe that is discouraging, because you have passed and you want to show him. He is proud of you. But you don’t need a certificate to gain his favour.

When God looks at you, he does not see a GCSE certificate. Maybe that is encouraging, because you have failed and don’t want to show anyone. He is proud of you. You do not need a certificate to gain his favour.

God sees deeper, he sees you, beautiful, wonderful, messed up you.

Whether you have done well because you are a natural genius or you worked very hard. Or done badly because you struggle with academic stuff or you just didn’t put the work in, the response from God is the same. 

I love you.

To have failed an exam or to get the necessary grades does not make you a failure.

Ok, that might not help with getting into college or getting a job, and there might be lessons to learn about those things. But still, and nevertheless, and more importantly:

I love you.

I am proud of you.

You are my child. 




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25 08 2011

This is true. I want my kids to do well as every mother would but I won’t love them any less or any more for failing or passing exams.

26 08 2011

I think God is like a flower arranger I once knew. She would take all sorts of odds and ends, twigs, weeds, straggley flowers and appear to just dump them in a vase. They looked great in a really unstructured way. I tried the same random approach and it looked rubbish.

When I look at people I know well I see in the all sorts of bits and pieces, genes from their mums side and their dads side, experiences thay have had at school or in a youth organisation. Things they have leaernt from their spouses. etc. God has taken all these bits and pieces and made them into something unique and beautiful.

I don’t know anybody else that could do iot and it certainly doesn’t happen by chance.

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