3 08 2011

Anger rages noisily like a loose sail flapping in the gusty wind

Pulling and tearing and finally breaking free

Floating, gloating and looking back at her former captor

The torn remains holding helplessly on to the mast

Watching in pain as

Anger greedily surges away on the wind

Floating high in the empty sky

With freedom in her eyes

Thrashing in her heart

And a tear across the face of her soul.  




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4 08 2011
Freedom | The Social Spectator

[…] freedom ( […]

4 08 2011

They tell me anger is bad, but Jesus got angry.
Angry when he saw poor people neglected,
Angry when he saw exclusive religion,
Angry when children were hurt.

It seems to me that anger doesn’t have to be destructive,
It doesn’t have to pass on my pain to others,
If only I can catch on to the energy of that anger,
Channel it into positive action it can bring about good.

I say to them that anger can be good.
Some of the men and women who have had the greatest positivbe effect on civilisation were angry,
Wilberforce, King, Gandhi, Barnardo, Luther, Cranmer, Pankhurst …
They did something positive with that anger,
I don’t think when they get to heaven Jesus will judge them badly for their anger.

Dear God, please help me to channel my anger into positive action, to think before I act and to use the energy you give me to make a difference.

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