a gentle clearing of the throat

10 06 2011

prayer is so often like a careful excuse me
bravely ignoring the ‘do not disturb’ sign
but only to quietly slip a note under the door

or it’s like a gentle clearing of the throat
to draw attention
without causing tension
or making a scene


prayer feels like it ought to involve
some shoving and
some flouting of the rules
some yelling because we should be telling it like it is
not quietly murmuring
but loudly stirring
earnestly yearning for God to hear
to act
to reach from his pedestal
to change all that is cruel and heartless and human

because his name means God with us
because prayers mean God help us
our cry is say something to us

yet in this moment of tension
shouting and pleading
we pause…

and in faith are conceding, of course,
to hear
we must listen.


this is an edited version of a poem that first featured in rants in your pants




3 responses

11 06 2011

Blown away…

11 06 2011

groaning prayers are the deepest and greatest prayers we have.

11 06 2011

A great poem Kevin.

Sometimes when I am shouting loudest I realise that it is not me that is shouting but God. That is scary but is part of the spiritual dimension in which prayer fits. This dimension is ignored by so many rationalists.

Because prayer doesn’t fit in our cause and effect world we give it too little credibility but I know it is a powerful thing.

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