scaling the monster

20 04 2011

Scaling the monster
Staring at his teeth
Pulling at his nose hairs
And swinging underneath

Climbing over God with a blindfold and a hammer
Because I don’t want him to see me and
I’m not much of a planner so
Maybe I’d be better with a notebook
Or some glasses
But a hammer seemed appropriate
In case God got nasty
or I need to crack his shell

or wake him
shake him
break him

Staring at the monster
Looking in his eyes
Fiddling with his tail
Jumping on his thighs

I’m seeing what he really is
This monster the world fears
Holding tightly to my hammer
I’m unsettled by his tears
So I swing nimbly through the air
And land upon his face
Where I’m perturbed
To see the likeness of our race
Embedded in the wrinkles
And the wisdom of his age
Reflected in the newborn skin
The freshness of a white blank page

The timeless
The ageless
The weakness
The braveness
The fearless
But not, it would appear, the tearless.

Scaling the monster
With a hammer in my hand
I can’t describe the feeling
But it wasn’t what I’d planned
I can poke him prod him ride him
And I won’t end up as food
Because although he certainly isn’t safe
I’ll take the risk that he is good*

(*and just in case I’m wrong
I’ve still got the hammer)

© 2011 Kevin Lewis

Some sort of explanation…

I haven’t written much poetry for ages, it tends to happen when I make time to sit and rest and think… anyway, I wrote this on the first night at Spring Harvest, thinking about approaching God and wanting him to meet with me deeply and profoundly as he did a few years ago in that place, whilst at the same time being scared to let him close enough. Because when he looks me in the eye, I tend to look away first. And he likes to play, especially when we get all serious… 




2 responses

18 05 2011
radical disciple

hi kevin

was put onto your blog by sue cooke – ordinand at ridley with me, said you were near her sending parish – anyway…….

love love love this poem, exactly how i feel about God right now.

i notice that in the aslan relationship, jill (in the silver chair), she thinks he will eat her, but she goes to him anyway – she doesn’t take a shotgun though 😀

so thanks, jody

18 05 2011

Thanks Jody, glad you liked. No shotgun, nor even a hammer? Happy ordinanding, stay radical and bring a few more with you…!

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