waking up koscielny

1 03 2011

Koscielny Calamity

So here’s the thing. You have worked all your life towards this point. You have trained hard, you have made great personal sacrifices – a travelling life, far from friends and family, an uncertain future in which things could go wrong at any point. You have your critics, but those around you support you. In fact, only a couple of weeks ago thousands were shouting your name and waving flags for you.

And this was your moment. This was your time. Your time to win, your time to gain the prize. Your moment.

Yet it went wrong. Very wrong. No-one can understand why you did what you did. Your decision surely unfathomably wrong. The Palm Sunday moment of being a hero against Barcelona turned into the Good Friday moment of causing the bungled Birmingham City goal with 2 minutes to go ensuring Carling Cup Final defeat.

Imagine what it was like to wake up on Sunday as Laurent Koscielny. Sunday was very much his Easter Saturday. Rejected by those he would count as supporters, those who questioned  all he had lived for, ruing decisions made under pressure.  Was there not a different way? Why did you not play it differently? We thought we were going to light up the world together. And now, nothing.

I’m not saying Koscielny is Jesus. I don’t even support Arsenal. I just thought it was an interesting parallel.

The question is, will there be a Resurrection Sunday?



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1 03 2011

I do support Arsenal, because they play enjoyable football and have not sold out totally to commercialsation. To me they embody what a football club should be about and what life should be about.

If Laurent Koscielny is the man I think he is then this unfortunate incident, and we all have them, will not break him but make him. He can be on the big stage with all the people cheering and learn very little about himself and life, instead being fooled by the sychophants around him. But in the disaster he will learn about himself, life and who his true friends are.

As Christians we buy into the world’s view that it is all about happiness and success, particularly financial success. Sadly not true. It is in the struggles, the sadness and the grief that we grow, we learn and we experience the fulfilment of ourselves. Just as the one we follow did.

And when all is said and done, football is only a game. Now rugby on the other hand, thats a religion to die for.

3 03 2011

If Laurent Koscielny isn’t Jesus, who isn’t John the Baptist?

3 03 2011

Arsene Wenger isn’t John the Baptist, although he paved the way for Koscielny’s arrival, then steps back and let’s him take the limelight… A quick google search though does reveal there are some footballers who actually are John the Baptist – or at least, Jean-Baptiste. Google says it, so it must be true (and was verified by Wikipedia).

3 03 2011

I also heard that the everlasting God is the defender of the week.

3 03 2011

I heard he was a great keeper – so mighty to save. To be fair, the 1st 11 were all good, but the 12th man was a bit dodgy – so he was sold to Chelsea for 30 (million) pieces of gold.

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