where you bin?

22 02 2011


bin us together lord

As a permanent feature I’m not sure it will wheelie catch on. Maybe we are the first to show the idea of Jesus dealing with our rubbish in this way. Put a lid on it, people will say. We refuse your refuse art. Churches should be beautiful.

Hmm, someone should have told our architect in 1933.

You can’t argue with its centrality though. The centrality of the bin. And the centrality of rubbish. Or as Paul put it in Philippians 3.8, all things are crap compared to Christ.

[the Greek word ‘skubala’ usually gently translated ‘rubbish’, actually is a rude word for which we might say dung. Or crap. Really it means ‘shit’, but I won’t put that for fear of offending sensibilities].

So put your crap in the bin and bring it to church. Or put it on the church roof. Why not. Maybe this is the one time I can say the church is full of crap and get away with it.  Jesus wants it, he’s brilliant at transforming it into something beautiful.

As far as comedy anti-social behaviour goes, it’s certainly neat and tidy. And the colour matches. And it has quite a deep and profound meaning. Thanks, yoofs, for another unexpected lesson! It’s far from rubbish. Perhaps I shouldn’t have taken it down.

wheelie rubbish vicar?




8 responses

22 02 2011
Pete Parker

Tell the truth Kev, did you put it up there?!!

22 02 2011

No, I didn’t!!

22 02 2011

I’ll bet it took you longer to get it down that it did them to put it up there! Surely the zeitgeist says you should have put black and yellow tape around the Church with a sign saying danger, and then called our friends Elf and Safety.

Actually all Churches should have tape round them and a sign saying danger. And they should be dangerous life changing places. I’m sure yours is, not rubbish at all.

22 02 2011

It didn’t take long, I just used the big stick the Bishop usually uses to keep me line!

23 02 2011

Jesus is the only One I know who can take us and our rubbish, then cleanse and renew us…hows that for great recycling!

23 02 2011
faith rowbury

Or you could look at it like this; we are or was, the rubbish bin – we stand not quite in the church, granted not on top, but usually outside looking in wondering what is going on, what makes it that some people go into church on a sunday morning,what is it that they are doing in there,why is it they are going in and i’m not?

We do not delve inside ourselves (the bin)and have a rummage about what is going on inside, what good things we have buried deep down inside and what bad things we have buried also – we just leave it to fester and don’t give it much thought at all – it’s all just going to be thrown away.

And then,something happens, the Lord Jesus gets inside of us,gets under our skin,in our heart,in our soul,in our mind and then voilà before u know it, all the rubbish is being sorted out – the good is projected outwards, reused over and over again, the bad nasty smelly stuff is used as a lesson for the future,forgiven,accepted,understood.

Jesus turns our life into having a purpose, a meaning. We are able to love ourselves,love others,love Jesus and he will help others to sort all the rubbish out – the things that are good and can be re used,things that are not so good and can be searched upon and then forgiven.

All you have to do is just say yes to him x

23 02 2011

Faith I want to read your blog! thank you for being so inspiring.

16 03 2011
life from buried death « the blog of kevin

[…] was present in all those situations. From the most mundane to the most unusual. From rubbish bins to the bowels of grief. That is the great thing about a God who is present, not absent; who chooses […]

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