in the beginning…

2 02 2011

…was a vast expanse of something because there had to be something but it was just around and there and not doing a lot and all messy and chaotic and out of that God – our god, you know god, God, Yahweh – he brought life from this amorphous mass of stuff not that he was a part of it – he was definitely apart from it – because he wasn’t made and always was and he was there and it was there and he was all mixed up in it and we know that he is in charge and so from that mass of something we don’t understand he made life which we understand a bit more though it is still a mystery and in a way it is like he

b r e a t h e d

and s p o k e

and is like the way a garden comes together after it has been left untended for ages and ages and the weeds grow and you think it can’t possibly be fruitful and then the farmer comes and works on it with a lot of breathing and creating and some resting and at the end of the day (or week) (or season) something beautiful has become of the chaotic mess and we like to tell stories about all that and about the people who were first here and we like to reflect on their lives and how they started so

close to God

and ended up so

far                                       away

and when we read the story we realise that the story isn’t about those people though we give them names like Adam and Eve  or about the places they found themselves like Eden or erm, Ur, or the things they built like the babble tower in Babylon or the floating square box full of animals and it isn’t about how God made all of these things and places and people and real-time 24-style history the story is ultimately and mainly and superbly and undeniably and historically about




and his character, his ability to plan and for the plans to go wrong and for him to get huffy but not so huffy that he throws it all away because his character as we learn is that there is always another chance another way there is always a blessing to replace and overthrow a curse there is always grace to find and blessing to pour and there is always another human to choose to be a part of the plan and not apart from the plan

tower of babble

and what a wonderful beginning and what crazy stories and what interesting archetypes of people from the good to the bad the farming to the urban the faithful to the sex-crazed the clothed to the naked the punished and the punishing to the blessed and the continually blessing and and the ever-faithful and the

curiously creative

and the immoral and the right-thinking and the stubborn and the hurt and the desperate and the slave and the master and the mother of the murderer and the murdered and the hopeless and the hopeful  and the warrior and the peacemaker and the friend and the enemy and the loyalty of family and good decisions and bad decisions and the promises fulfilled from generation to generation


and I have only got to chapter 15 of Genesis.





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