28 12 2010


I’m unbalanced.

Whether that is worrying or reassuring depends on where you are standing and who’s head you are in.

I’m unbalanced because I think using a human brain, usually my own.

I’m unbalanced because it is impossible to grasp the whole of life and bottle it within the synapses, impulses and emotions of a human brain.

I’m unbalanced because it is impossible to grasp the whole of life and try to speak it using the unreliable and inadequate method of human speech.

I’m unbalanced because it is impossible to understand what Jesus was all about and do it justice in a few sentences, words, or a human lifetime.

So, I choose the bits I overemphasise.

us’ smile, more than his frown.
Jesus’ welcome, rather than his rebuke.
Jesus life, death and resurrection, rather than one or the other.
(Or mor
e likely for many evangelicals, just the middle one.)
Like many evangelicals, the ascension confuses me, so I tend to overlook it.

I’m unbalanced, but would rather be unbalanced and tipping towards those than unbalanced and tipping towards the tight-lipped, overly serious and always right.

There’s something worrying about people who are 100% certain.

Something worrying about people whose thinking has no flexibility, no space for being wrong, no acknowledgement that we are all unbalanced.

I try to hold my crazy beliefs lightly, and seriously.
And irr
everently, so I don’t disappear up my bum and out my own navel.

I’m unbalanced because I think the quest for wisdom begins in acknowledging that.

I‘m unbalanced because I don’t think there is another way to be.

I could, of course, be wrong. I find that quite exciting.




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29 12 2010

Unbalanced: when the mental or physical balance has been
upset; when a person is unstable or deranged. (O.E.D.) I become
unbalanced for two main reasons. Firstly because the things I have
trusted tend not to be quite as I expected. So a ladder that I
thought was secure slips, or a path on which I am running does not
give me the grip I was expecting. Secondly because my senses become
overloaded or decieved like looping the loop in an aeroplane. There
are too many things happening for me to cope with, physically or
emotionally. As a Christian one way I become unbalanced when I put
too much trust in one aspect of my faith and disregard the others.
The ladder wouldn’t have slipped if I had enough doubt to have made
sure it was securely tied. When we take one bit of the bible and
put our whole trust in it without acknowledging doubt we are likely
to become unbalanced. Another problem for Christians can be leaping
into things too quickly and without understanding. A pilot learns
how to keep control of his sense of position and his aircraft
gradually som he can perform aerobatics. Christians tend to lack
patience and jump into things with a naieve trust, quickly finding
they have lost their stability. As you say we need to push back the
boundaries of our faith and be prepared to make mistakes. We also
need to see the big picture of what God is doing so we can keep our
sense of perspective and be patient as God teaches us – he isn’t
finished with us yet!

30 12 2010

I’m unbalanced just because!

As for faith and certainty?
Faith is confusing and I don’t understand much but I understand certainty even less.

30 12 2010
Rev Si

Now if all those years ago you had concentrated on the weekend away on the Ascension you might not be so unbalanced now….

1 01 2011

Forgive me for i have sinned… I’m sure I was concentrating really though. I sure I wasn’t causing a distraction to others. Hmmm…

1 01 2011
Ana Maria Achucarro

I like what you have said

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