the holy naiveté

24 12 2010

the holy naivity

If only Jesus told harmless stories  that didn’t cut to the heart of power and poverty and sex and anger and lust and arguments and family and truth and pain and hope and death and how to be truly, madly deeply in love.

If only Jesus was more like Santa and we could pretend he existed for a few days a year and then ignore him because he’s made-up just like Winnie-the-Pooh or the Ninky-Nonk.

If only?

There is a hope I have, a naive hope, that all this holy nativity stuff isn’t just the quaint children’s story it often seems. That it isn’t a quaint story at all.

There is a hope I have, a naive hope, that kingdoms shaking and the powerful quaking cannot just be reduced to 3 wise men, some fumbling shepherds and a pantomime Herod.

There is a hope I have, a naive hope, that peace on earth actually means, well, peace on earth. On actual earth!

I hope that you hold to this naive hope with me. I hope that this Christmas has more meaning for you than it ever has. I hope that it sparkles with love and glitters with the reality of mind-and-body-soaking love.  I hope that the love  and the hope of Jesus fills us and our aching hearts, fills us and our fragile families, fills us and our beautiful communities.

I hope that the holy naiveté of the holy nativity touches you, as I hope it touches me.

A very Happy Christmas, and thank you for reading!
God bless, Kevin




4 responses

25 12 2010
Dai Adem

Santa is an anagram of Satan and that about sums up Christmas. An adulteration of fertility rites and excessive self indulgence wrapped up in a layer of religiosity to make it respectable. To get true religion you need to get rid of Christmas and all the fun and laughter and look at the serious message of the cross. Christians should stop celebrating Christmas and take things more seriously.

25 12 2010

Hmmm… any other comments welcome too!!

26 12 2010

Hmmm… Dog is an anagram of God but I’m not sure whether that sums up anything other than the elasticity of letters and language and my infuriating inability to refrain from being a smart-arse.
It’s Christmas time, but there’s no need need to be afraid. For me this really is the most wonderful time of the year. Maybe it is naivety, but I get just enough of a glimpse of a sense of something each Christmas time to lead me to believe that maybe one day, our conspiracy of hope might surprise us all and turn everything that seems to be wrong with the world upon its head. Which, a wise man once told me, will prove to be the right way up. Which could really make our hair stand on end, I imagine.
So anyway, a very happy Christmas to you too, Lord Kevin of Blogland. Keep shaking the snow-globes, checking in to the one star hotels and posting your illuminating adverts for the invisible. You (and your small army of commentators) have enriched my 2010 with your musings, challenges, opinions, insights, outsights and occasional nonsenses.
And let’s not make a stan out of santa!

26 12 2010
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