19 11 2010

how wide are yours
and what are they full of
how far are you prepared to s  t  r  e  t  c   h   t  h  e  m
fill them
so often used to clutch
to grab
to hold
then god asks us to use our arms
arms to embrace
arms to open wide
arms to give love and to s  t  r  e   t   c   h
arms that discover they can even stretch w  i  d  e  r

fit more people in
give more love out
thank you Jesus for your arms
workman’s arms
tender arms
open arms

reminding me that
I can’t embrace the kingdom when my arms are full of me
(that last line belongs to Rick McKinley)
(but i thought it was quite good)



One response

20 11 2010

Its a funny old thing but I can’t really be embraced when my arms are clutched around me either. Its when we stretch out our arms in the offer of embrace that we allow others and God to embrace us.

Of course there is a risk in stretching wide our arms in the offer of embrace. We make ourselves vulnerable. We might get rejected. We might get hurt, we might get kicked or bitten or pinched. But embracing is part of what we are made to do and to be like God we go on doing it, time after time even when we run the risk of getting hurt. Even when we end up on a cross.

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