26 10 2010

Every now and then I am overcome with what some of you go through every day. People I meet and people I know who daily struggle with depression, eating disorders, domestic violence, bi-polar disorder, bullying, schizophrenia, mental health issues, physical pain, bereavement, loneliness, and all kinds of other things.

Some of you have found faith in the midst of these issues; some of you have held on to faith in the midst of them; some of you have lost faith in the midst of them.This is a tribute to all of you, some of whom wear your experiences on your sleeve and some of whom keep them so well hidden no-one would know. No-one.

Faith is a dirty and messy thing because faith is part of all this crappy stuff, clinging on, falling off, picking itself up, falling off. Faith is very real. And is certainly not escapism. Some say that faith is a crutch for the weak and the desperate and yes, the weak and the desperate are very welcome. As is everyone. Jesus is my teacher and my inspiration, and I see him sitting with the weak and the desperate, and the strong and together, who turned out to be weak and desperate anyway. He incarnated – became flesh – as one of us. That matters. He’s not a quick fix fix-it magic wand kind of God. Inadequate as that may seem, when a magic wand to take away the problem might seem better.

You are amazing. Amazing when you carry on, amazing when you cannot. And you are loved. Loved when you cope, loved when you do not. Loved when you function, loved when you cannot. Loved when you give in, and loved when you do not. Love is patient, when we cannot be. Love is kind, when we cannot be. Love protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres, when we cannot.  Love loves when we have run out.

Words are so inadequate, quoting the bible is so trite, for the depths of pain some of you daily feel. So I thought I would go ultra-cheesy and post this song because it truly is ultra-cheesy and it makes me smile and you people, you make me smile because you are amazing, you keep my faith real and grounded and in perspective where it should be. Thank you for what you give me.

When you smile the whole world stops and stares for while. Because you are amazing.

And it that is too cheesy, there’s always the Mumfords!




4 responses

26 10 2010

I like this post, its nice.

27 10 2010

Hey I love your “Amazing” blog. You certainly were led by God with this one. So poignant. The song is one I shall be buying too. God Bless you Kevin.

27 10 2010

An old fable.
Once there was a man who had to go and collect water. He took two jugs, one on each shoulder. He walked 1/2 a mile to the well, filled the jugs, returned them to his shoulders, turned and went back to his family.

One of the jugs was cracked so always arrived home with only half its water supply. The man knew this, but didn’t replace the jug. This routine occured for a year. The cracked jug (who had feelings) felt that it was a bit rubbish, that i wasn’t fulfilling its function, that it should be replaced by a new jug that was not cracked. The complete jug (who also had feelings) was quite arrogant about his skill in returning all the water. Every day the complete jug had smug face on (yes the jug had a face – bit like a henry hoover) this smugness continued for quite a while.

A while went past. The man took a journey with his jugs to the well with his wife (it was summer and there was no mud along the path so she was glad to go), ‘O’ she said ‘how lovely’, ‘a’ said the man. ‘look, at the beautiful flowers down one side of the path, look there’s, poppies, and daisy’s, and verbena, and blue things, wow that’s amazing. But why are they not on both sides?’. They pondered this as they walked towards the well. The return journey held the answer to the pondering. The wise lady noticed that the water from the broken jug was landing on the ground where the flowers were growing. ‘Look’ she said ‘its your jug, its watering the earth through its brokenness and bringing forth growth of flowers’.

Never underestimate the power of brokenness. Or the power we have within us to get through the darkness.

30 10 2010

What is far more amazing, is when people who DON’T suffer from depression /eating disorders etc… have such tolerance and patience with those who do.
As one of those who is secretly (and ashamedly) on the crazy spectrum, I would generally expect to be met with rolled eyes and a degree of disgust.
So -Perhaps Mr Kevin (and Fran with the nice story) – it is people like YOU who are amazing…

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