knock knock

6 10 2010

Who’s there? Lord only knows. Living in a vicarage is a somewhat unique experience.  You never know what the knock on the door will bring. We have found ourselves becoming something of a local resource, a cross between Wilkos, a youth drop-in, a community café and just occasionally a house where people live. To give something of an insight and hopefully to bring a chuckle to your day, here follows a list of some of the things we have been asked for over the last few months…

string for conkers  / stamps /  broadbandcookies / postman’s wee-stop  /   trampoline storage /  trampoline usage / duct tape /  brownies / a football /  puncture repair /  advocacy / fixing up a gate post /  cushions /  banter /  first aid /  Facebook /  umbrella /  a step ladder /  laundry /  a garden fork /  oranges /  downloading Enrique Iglesias / telephoning social services  /  a shower /  odd jobs / water /  a lift in the rain  / a youth club / Nesquik  / time

Living here is different from what we expected… unpredictability and spontaneity and risk-taking amidst the normal routines of life and the job. Truth be told I love it, though I don’t always love it at the time. I get grumpy! Believe it or not.

Still, I look forward to the next unpredictable request from the Wigmore Rd massive. Hang on, is that the doorbell…

knock knock



5 responses

6 10 2010

Ah i love this, it is exactly as I thought it would be for you guys and i’ve got to say i’m even slightly envious! If it ever happens to us though I may find myself regretting my envy!

6 10 2010

come and move here my lovely come and move here!

6 10 2010

Thats ministry man! Those who think that being a Christian is about preaching and telling others what to do have it all wrong. It is about serving and loving, about being used and feeling grumpy but going the extra cookie out of love.

Keep on loving and serving the community and encourage the rest of your Church to do it as well and God will do great things. Put aside debates about ordination of women and gay bishops and Church funding and love them like crazy.

God Bless you.

6 10 2010

God is so wonderfully haphazard, so suprising, so joyful…so into the everyday commonplace things…and I know you love it Kevin…well when your not grumpy that is!!

7 10 2010

i would like to add… permenant markers, chocolate milkshake, headphone ear piece, and an oil can 🙂

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