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7 07 2010

I’m thinking of writing a letter. it’s that serious. Ann Robinson watch out. After watching 2 episodes of BBC comedy Rev, it is time to complain. Consistently TV portrays church in a negative way, vicars are idiots, whether effeminate and weedy or sinister and murderous, church is dull and irrelevant… and it is never actually funny. Except Dibley, but that was different. Rev is… painfully funny. FUNNY! Painfully close to the mark. It’s like watching The Office except it is in church and I am David Brent. OMG, I want to take my collar off and swear…

he's married to the vicar's wife

I know, it’s not all funny, and I don’t know if people who aren’t churchers find it funny. The old gags are there, like imagining that vicars actually have sex (have you seen how many kids vicars usually have?!) and that regular parishioners are idiots. Ok, fair cop we’ll let you get away with that because much of the rest is insightful, witty, and based on (I said based on) real events and real people.  And Adam the Vicarage is likeable, vulnerable, and slightly shell-shocked. That is endearing. And Mrs Vicarage has a job. A job! Who’d have thought it.

anyone know an unconventional vicar's wife?

It is so close to life it feels a bit like an in-house training video for vicars. It should be compulsory viewing so that we all look at our stereotypes and run a mile. Am I the dull weedy vicar? Am I the scary Archdeacon? Am I the highly sexed parishioner? Am I the slimey smoothie-fuelled evangelical? Am I… Colin?

I loved the ending of Episode 2 when the Archdeacon stood with Adam to welcome Colin, broken and painful and annoying as he is. That is part of the charm of it – it is taking the mick out of the church, but you can tell it is written by someone with a deep love for the church. Maybe free-churchers won’t get it or vicars with sense-of-humour-failure (there’s plenty of us!) but if you know how the C of E works, it hits the mark. I’ll be watching, even if it clashes with church. And I will clean my own windows.

spot anyone you recognise?

Unrolling it, he found the place where it is written:
18“The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
because he has anointed me
to preach good news Colin.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the Archdeacon
and recovery of sight for Nigel,
to release Adoha,
19to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”


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9 responses

7 07 2010
Lesley Fellows

I found it very painfully close to the truth. I think it was written with humanity and compassion, that the vicar and his wife were ordinary good people who weren’t gay bashing, women bashing, manipulative or stupid. I think it is a great step forward 🙂

7 07 2010
Chris Lake

Give it a chance! At episode 2 it is too early to form a rounded opinion. It may grow on you yet……

8 07 2010

From watching Rev with Kevin, i think i can safely say he likes the programme…..!

8 07 2010

So i hope you really are going to wash the windows…they do need it!! 🙂

17 07 2010
James E Pennington

It is good and clever and very watchable BUT.. the vast majority of evangelical priests are not so awful as Darren Betts (incidentally the name of a BBC weatherman I believe)… in fact very many I’ve met have been marvellous folk. For sure the evangelical wing has it’s problems but we’re not gay bashing, we just have more traditional views on homosexuality.. Please BBC, might it be possible to paint evangelical Christians in a positive light for once?

17 07 2010

I agree James – as an evangelical it was cringe-worthy, though sometimes quite helpful to be critiqued that way – but sometimes, just sometimes, it would be good to have a positive slant…

17 07 2010
Rob Kean

Hi Kevin

the so called atheists at my place of work like it a lot and seem to think that it is doing quite a good PR job for the C of E and vicars in general.


17 07 2010

Hi Rob, yes it would appear so – I think showing the human side of a vicar rather than just either the ritual/ceremony etc.. of church, or just the comedy of character like Dibley, is refreshing and real. There’s some easy gags like vicars in strip clubs (ha ha), but deeper stuff too. I’ll keep watching…

29 07 2010
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