10,000 thank you’s

31 05 2010

empty seats? who's counting...

Countless ministers will tell you “Its not about the numbers”, as they look wistfully at the empty chairs, the static attendance and the growing church down the road. Asking a minister not to notice lack of bums on seats is like telling Capello not to notice Walcott’s lack of end product. It shouldn’t really matter but it does.

Anyway, the thing about blogs is that everything is measured. There are many things to obsess over!! It’s like measuring bums on seats as well the types of cars the bums arrive in and colour pants they wear and what drawer they came from. Many hours to be wasted.

I try not to obsess about my blog stats, because it’s not about the numbers!  My aim is that it is worth writing even if no-one reads it, because it helps me to think. Having said that, I can’t say I don’t look at the stats once or twice (a day) and as I pass 10,000 hits since I began in August 2009, I want to thank you for your Clicks, Comments, and (en)Couragements.  Some of you know me and follow me because you are good friends; some of you don’t know me yet still find something interesting to read…! What I am trying to do is think creatively, outside the box; or, as Rob Bell says, remember there is no box at all. You guys have become an essential part of that process. Thank you!!

I offer you the following as a summary of our project rather pretentiously called “the quest for wisdom”!

So, 10,000 thank you’s, and please keep reading! Not that I’m obsessed, of course…

what a (slightly worrying) celebratory face


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2 responses

7 06 2010
James Harvey


how ironic that i was about to email you to say how much i appreciate your blogging when the latest one i opened was about your own review of your blog! Anyway, just wanted to say i find your blog really helpful – probably just as you do because it helps me process thinking or stimulate it. I also really appreciate the stuff from the HTB Holy Spirit conference as someone who wasn’t able to be there. So keep on and keep writing as i’m still reading!

Also, i have a question for you because i want to know what your mind might say to this: i am writing a sermon on Sunday about extravagance for God and wondered what do you consider extravangance for God looks like?

God bless you & keep up the good blogging!


16 06 2010

Thanks James – I been on hols hence no response til now… Hope the sermon went well! Does god know anything other than extravagance?!

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